Lighter, Faster, Stronger

Who we are

The J2 Sailing brand has its roots in tradition and heritage. For generations the Company´s have been master boat-builders, they have created everything from your traditional llaüt sailing boats (vela latina or lateen) that date back to the first Pheonicians merchants who arrived to these Balearic shores 5000 years ago, up until the more recent developments in foils, with all their advancements in lightweight materials, aquadynamics and their needs for speed.

As the name suggests J2 stands for Juan (senior) and Juan (junior), a “J2” father and son duo that is evolving in these ever changing times. Juan (junior) who is now in his 40´s, with decades of boat building experience under his belt working alongside his father, has taken over the baton and is ushering this new age of competitive sailing.

Our Promise

We aren’t just boat builders, at our core we are innovators, constantly driving to improve. Our promise to you is that with every creation we will have spent countless hours rethinking and redesigning all of our products from the ground up. What you get are unique handmade pieces made from the most reliable materials that are guaranteed to perform at the highest levels.

What we offer

What J2 offers you is the latest innovation in boat design, the most reliable and lightweight parts at the most affordable prices, so that you may perform at the highest possible level, whether that be an afternoon out with the family or at the most prestigious regattas.

What makes us different

Just as Juan´s forefathers did generations ago when they built boats that could endure the roughest of seas, the Company name, and now the J2 Sailing brand, carries with it a promise, a promise that every build will be to the best possible standards and to incorporate the latest innovations at the most competitive prices.

Our goal

J2 Sailing will become a global market leader in yacht design and innovation. Try us out if you want to own some of the most innovative products or if you would like to compete at the highest possible level.